© 2021 Richard Lake

I am trying to convince my son, Richard to continue writing. When I read this one aloud I dissolved in a torrent of tears from the sheer power of his writing. Let me know what you think. Comments. Please!!!

Set me free

Release me from these chains
created by an image that never was
oh wicked slavery
that denies my humanity
there is no marble goddess
or burning inner flame
release me
to be human once again
to feel
emotions of hate, envy, fear, lust
and yes emotions of love and lost love
this is my right as a human
to feel everything and to learn from everything
emotions that set me free
to create myself in my mind’s eye
to be free
to hear heaven echo with my laughter
to drown the world with my sadness
unfettered by shackles of self restraint
of an shallow image of height and width
but not the depth of me
free at last
I may become the guiding flame you seek
or not
I may tease you, taunt you, drive you mad
so you become your own guiding flame
just so I can roast marshmallows
on the fire of your soul