© 2020 Barbara Grace Lake


By accident perfection found
For those who love our neighbor’s fare
Oh yes, say Viva Mejico
And, yes, say Viva Barbara
This recipe is mine to share

We start with one, one-quarter beef
Of course you know the meat is ground
Rough chop a medium, half large
Of what? Oh yellow onions, please
Now brown together with the beef.

Well is that all? No, no, there’s more
A can fire-roasted chilis, mild
Again a can of olives, sliced
One cup of shredded cheddar cheese
For topping, set aside as much

You’ll need a cup of sauce prepared
But save for later more than that
In just a minute you’ll see why
Two teaspoons jalapeno chopped
(Use either fresh or from a can)

Now salt and pepper, mix it all
Here’s where you change it to be yours
Add more of this, and less of that
Leftover rice, or last night’s beans
Just throw them in, they’ve found a home

Your sauce should cover bottom pan
Then in tortillas roll the mix
Be sure you keep the cut side down
When drizzling sauce on every roll
Please cover sparingly.  Don’t drown

Now for your supper’s finishing
A liberal touch of shredded cheese
Your enchiladas need some time
Say forty-five (45) in three fifty (350)
Take fork in hand. Your dinner’s done.

Bon appetit