Of Beloved Aunt Winifred Wells

© August, 1959, Barbara Grace Lake

[My cousin found this among some papers
that my grandmother apparently saved.  I’m
happy she saved this one]


Don’t grieve for me –


Don’t look upon my stillness with despair
for I have gone –


And happiness that had so long eluded me
I now have found and it
embraces me –


Be joyful for me –


Because the cares and trials of
worldly life are merely shadows
of meaningless memories –


And these too will pass –


And so your grief will pass from you
to mingle with the ashes and dust
of that which sheltered me –


Until the time has come when you
shall cross from life
to greater life –


And I will greet you joyously –


Then you will say to those who mourn their loss –


Don’t grieve for me.