© 2019 Barbara Grace Lake

I saw within a seething orb
A chance that life might be sustained
Into its noisome, boiling stew
Of minerals, raw elements
I threw a seed, one tiny seed
The first and foremost building block
To grow diversely, form and mind
Plants, animals and later, man

Each tiny fragment, molecule
Minutely joins, divides, evolves
Creating new, rejecting old
Until the most adaptable
Survive the harsh environment
A fiery mass where species die.
I’m there, but do not interfere.
As nature always knows the way

Absorbing oxidating bath
Vast saline oceans swathed the earth
Birthed demons swimming ancient seas
Produced half leggeds from the murk
To feed on plants in marshy bogs
Some stayed on land became the sires
Of creatures status still to come
At genesis it’s change or fail

One change beyond world memory
Gave man awareness, reasoning
In truth, an almost astral power
If rightly used could help his kind
Instead man introduced misdeed.
Though here,  I do not interfere.
For man, his life’s in his own hands
Alone to cure the ills he’s bred