© 2019 Barbara Grace Lake

One step is all to mists beyond
Encircling, thick and hidden close
Outside of blankets, drug-like warmth
Of sleep and visions, comfort dreams
Is life revealed within dense mists?

I cannot see through mists beyond
Damp pulsing tendrils summon me
Too frightening without retreat
Of sheltering eaves, slate shadowed doors
Dare I reach far into those mists?

What will I find in mists beyond
Too thickly vaporous to see?
In life as death am I to go
Through fearful portal, shrouded gate?
Its call enticing, silent mists

I hesitate at mists beyond
Amorphous essence, swirling fog
Safe haven that it promises
Reach out. Its covenant says home
Will I step through dense mists beyond
…..Dense mists beyond