© 2019 Barbara Grace Lake

Relentless, irrevocably
Death calls for one and then the next
In time it comes with hand stretched out
No bargaining, its summons law
Still often age will welcome it
I hope I can in my last hours
Ask death to sit and share with me
A final savored cup of tea

Relentless, irrevocably
Death ever comes when it is time
The poor, or rich, or elderly
An elder cousin called to go
In grief, the “eldest” left to me
And yet till death I’ll see her face
In endless, happy hours we shared
Those days when we were very young.

Relentless, irrevocably
As life is spent so death must come
This one you called was dear to us
And we will miss her dreadfully
Please God, as she was one of yours,
Make room for her among the stars
Her soul will brightly light the sky
Until we join eternally