© 2018 Barbara Grace Lake

(Pure whimsy)


All winter long I lay unused
And hidden in the musty dark
That tiny shed out in the snow
I thought I’d die it was so cold

Big people wrapped me, stowed away
From happy, laughing little hands
They said “you won’t need this until
The sun comes out in warmth again.”

They never thought how I’d need them
A toy, a game if never played
Forgets how little folks have fun
But now it’s hot, we’ll learn anew

Big people take my wrapping off
And pull me out onto the lawn
The brilliant, yellow sun shines out
Against a cloudless azure sky

Then making sure no rocks lay hid
Beneath my tender slippery slide
And, yes, ensuring one small dent
Creates a puddle at the end.

They carefully attach the hose
For ample slide along my path
The little folks excitedly
Await the go-ahead to play

The smallest one, too young last year
Jumps up and down, “Me first!  Me first!”
And down she goes and hits the dent
Kersplash — she giggles, shrieks delight

No more than me when children star
Upon my sliding theater
What joy to have them out again
In sliding, splashing, squealing fun