© 2018 Barbara Grace Lake


On meeting friends that once one knew
Surprised excitement is the rule
Exchanged are numbers, vows are made
To get together, contact keep

Such was my meeting with BB
Astounded her, dumfounded me
Some history might be required
BB and I were high school friends

And in years past BB and I
Then thought to serve and joined the WACs
I found 4 years enough for me
Apparently BB did too

When out again, first husband gone
The dating mill I faced again
My neighbor’d met a man she said
Twas young for her, just right for me

Amazingly we hit it off
But his first words astonished me
I usually don’t bring a date
To see a stripper dance on stage

This woman has a gimmick rare
She stares them down, all leering clowns
And gains respect while making them
See visions of a bedroom brawl

I watched, and watched, and watched again
Each second my amazement grew
So when the stage she left I called
BB I yelled, BB, it’s me

Her last act done, we breakfasted
BB, her husband, date and me
Then numbers gave and vows we made
To get together, contact keep

I never saw BB again