© 1982 Barbara Grace Lake


From my depths I’d say I love you
But I never knew the words
It’s something that you never knew
My language often cut like swords

A woman thought by most as strong
But no, a woman holding fear
That love for her could not belong
But then you came, my precious dear

You came, my middle sunshine girl
Your gift when born the sun’s own gold
Showed in your eyes and every curl
These things I never said nor told

I pushed against the love you kept
Against your trust of love returned
I never earned, could not accept
And so your love lay shriveled, burned

You never knew how much my heart
Lay bleeding when so many things
Would always drive us far apart
Such trifling issues, petty things

Such massive, anguished hurt we’d show
Each other, how I wished. oh how
I longed to say I love you so,
My golden girl, please know it now.