© 2018 Barbara Grace Lake


A summer hot and humid day
At times a coastal breeze will flow
Up river stream’s meandering
(The current old before first men
Made nets to bring its bounty home)
And cool a river bather’s skin
Inflamed to red from summer’s sun

More strongly in my garden trees
It rocks firm branches, pummels leaves
Disturbing birds who squawk their ire
Before they see their nest is safe
Their raucous voice is similar
To shrieking hurled at raiding squirrels
Who dare come near their nested eggs

Today’s too hot for squirrel raids
He’s laying on a branch spread out
To nab each errant breeze that comes
To ruffle fur and cool his skin
His sparrow foe no better off
Wings spread apart beak open wide
Pursuing cooling, saving air

So delicately hued, the sky
An innocent appearing blue
Without a blemish or a cloud
Or rarely seen a filmy one
Will drift until it dissipates
Into the higher reach of wind
And vanish slowly from my sight

Beneath the sky, below my trees
The air sits like a sticky paste
Adhering clothes to skin and hair
The wind through branch rejuvenates
But under them lies stifling heat
If I go out I’m stripping down
To  soak in puppy’s wading pool