© 2018 Barbara Grace Lake


Child born today, I only wish
you’d waited till the world was calm
For stable parents’ nurturing
For lessons they could teach their child

Child born today, I wish for you
A better life than we can give
The village needed for your care
Does not exist, forever gone

Child born today, your parents failed
To think about the life they made
You’re unexpected, but you’re here
So others raise you teach their views

Child born today, you have to know
Your father’s off to fight a war
It doesn’t matter which or where
For you it means he won’t be here

Child born today, you came too soon
You cry because you’re comfortless,
You dad’s at war, your mom’s at work
But still you’ll live, perhaps survive

Child born today, I offer hope
A hope your sitters teach you love
With color blindness as to skin
Or shape of eyes or curly hair

Child born today, when you’re a teen
It’s late to learn what helps you grow
When hate’s ingrained you will not love
You cannot even love yourself.

Child born today, what will you do
With life you didn’t ask to have
You can’t go back, it’s far too late
I cry for you child born today