© 2018 Barbara Grace Lake


A look into my dogwood tree
Shows silken blossoms blinding white
A hint of green where buds will leaf
And this is love

Azaleas boldly red on green
Camellias gently pink and white
They shine for all but once a year
Oh this is love

Blue skies may herald summer’s gain
Hot sun too strong makes some plants wilt
Then remedied by sprinkler hose
Because it’s love

The next day heaven opens up
Forever rains on endlessly
Soft muddy ground gives blooming plants
A gift of love

My orange trees give shade and fruit
Their crowns are home to squirrels, birds
Where mockingbirds can sing all day
Oh joyful love

The courtship rituals are past
New birdlings loudly pipe their need
Until it’s time to leave the nest
They leave for love

In constant motion back and forth
From tips of trees to wires to roofs
They fly because sheer love of flight
Yes this is love.