© 2018 Barbara Grace Lake


In time of war when still a child
I dreamt intense unbidden dreams,
Of rain-slick sidewalks full of holes
Foul demons pushed till I fell through
On each dark night I dreamt this dream
Till screams that I alone could hear
Would leave me sweating, cold, awake

As war compels, no matter when,
A nation’s needless cost in men
Who fight and die in dubious quest.
A child I was but still I knew
The horrors of a home’s collapse
Exploding guns, and bodies torn
Of men who’d not see home again

But in the end a morning comes
To bring into the world new warmth
To damaged cities, countrysides
Restored if given long enough
If given growth and peace to grow
Where children dream of candy floss
Encradled safely in their beds.