© 2017 Barbara Grace Lake


I do not feel like Christmas time
Please let it all pass by
This year I will not decorate
Nor roast nor cookies bake

I’ll not hang tinsel, bulbs or lights
My creche stays on its shelf
No tree will grace my living room
To hide my gifts to friends

I’d call my elder uncles, aunts
It always cheered them so
A friendly voice on Christmas day
But, no. They’re gone. I’m left.

I’m old, so old, I can’t bring cheer.
And then a welcome call
Hi, Grandma love, don’t cook again
I’m doing turkey, ham

Give us a chance to cosset you
You always work so hard
For once, sit back, enjoy the day
One simple call of cheer

A tree, a small one’s going up
I’ll honor Christmas Day
No funky blues can hold it back
As always, Christmas comes