© 2016 Barbara Grace Lake


I am a tiny bud
So small you cannot see me yet
My tree absorbs life from the sun
And I absorb life on my branch
Before I dare come forth

Pale green then gently veined
To carry tree sap to my tip
And I, with all my sisters, reach
To flourish in a solar bath
Of radiant light and warmth.

All summer breezes pass
Through leafy boughs and hidden nests
Of agile squirrels, singing wrens
Who play by day and rest by night
Then come alive again

But now the air is chill
I feel me change, no longer green
My sisters, too, are red and bronze
Our tree no longer gives us life
I fall toward the earth

Oh, please don’t sweep me up
I am not trash to throw away
My colors have such beauty yet
Display me on your mantelpiece
Till I come green again