© 2016 Barbara Grace Lake


My loves I’m here.  Did you forget?
My steps are slow, the back is weak
I sometimes tire too easily
But still I’d go and do, have fun

A picnic in the park with kids?
Potato salad, franks and games
I’d come home aching, go to bed
Wake up with happy memories

The family’s next forest trip?
Did you forget I love to camp?
Deciding that I should not go?
Or would my slowness hinder you?

I grant the path is long and hot.
I’d rest, go on, enjoy it yet
If tent I have and bag to sleep
And chair to sit, breathe in the air

In lieu of hiking azure lake
I may require a mid-day nap
I’ll rest beneath green shading trees
And still be here enjoying life

Enjoying you, enjoying friends
My time is short, let me get tired
Don’t leave me drowsing in my chair
To only see your camera shots