© 1986 Barbara Grace Lake


I only wanted to love you
Why was it so hard?
There was so much to give you
So much that a part
Of me still remains with you
And I cannot discard
All those memories of you

She’s used you but won’t let you go
And she doesn’t care
That you’re hurt as long as she knows
Her little affair
Her shame can be hidden, unknown
By any who’d share
The disgrace that she feels but won’t own

I’d give all I am or have or could be
And my life if you
Were ever to ask that of me
I wanted to give you
Whatever you wanted of me
But I so needed you
And still need you so if you’d love me

When I asked you if we could pretend
That we had just met
And forget all the hurts that have been
We might make it yet
What you answered was truly the end
You were gentle and yet
Final – you said it would happen again

I know that you have not and never
will care deeply for me
I know there’s no chance of your ever
Reaching out for me
I loved you so much but you’ve severed
All that might be
Of a love that comes once – and then never.