© 2016 Barbara Grace Lake


Let me join the march
Of men still seeking peace
As when primordial man
Put down his weapons
Built a fire
And shared its warmth

Let me join the march
Of men who never heard
The pomp and cant of Christianity
But followed one who spoke
Of sharing bread and love –
And speaks no more.

It is an endless march
Of striving, screaming fools
Whose ardent message clamoring
For justice, sanity
Those fools more practical,
More prudent, would deny

And it is passing by
Let me wear my faded jeans
A scarf around my head
And carry crudely lettered banners,
Sing of days we might find hope
And of a time to care.

Let me join the march
Let me hold my candles high
So that their flames might burn
Into the eyes and hearts
Of men grown calloused
To the world’s despair.

Let me join the march.