© 2000 Barbara Grace Lake


At times I’m accused of a character lack
By those whose arrivals are always on tack
They woefully hint my infraction’s deliberate
Contending at best I am less than considerate
Of course I’m forgiven my hideous crime
By vowing henceforth to be ever on time

Since hurting amigos was ne’er my intent
And truly each time I have done so repent
The promise thus made should be easily kept
Especially so if one’s mind is adept
Enough to reset all the clocks far ahead
But who sees a timepiece still snoozing in bed?

My problem’s not solely the time I arise
As afternoon dates I routinely revise
My reasons are varied for being untimely
The major of which is in being sublimely
Unconscious of time as the seconds descend
While management failings both cause and append

To myriad factors in lagging behind
As evidence, when I am dressing I find
My skirt lining’s raveled and needs to be sewn
I can’t find my purse, someone calls on the phone
For such and all other, before I’m aware
I’m later in starting than I should be there

And when I arrive after rushing through traffic
Perceiving my hosts somewhat less than ecstatic
I wonder bemusedly why they would seem
So happy to see me at seven fifteen
While half past the hour or a quarter of eight
Reduces their pleasure each minute I’m late

So listen up folks e’er becoming irate
I came I am sorry to say a bit late
I haven’t yet mastered the honored convention
Of being on time still it’s been my intention
To work on it possibly starting next year
And firmly to schedules attempt to adhere

At present the art, as art it must be
Requires a capacity foreign to me
Sufficient to say no delight can I measure
As early or late.  It’s in being I treasure.
So here we all are a damned fine coterie
For this I arrived … at the right time for me